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What we do and what we can help you for:
DEFFONE is an expanded multimedia portal of B2C and B2B media content. We propose widgets, pictures, games, videos, full-streamed legal films, downloadable music and ringtones.
Our aim is to become the biggest multimedia resource on the mobile WAP/WEB network.
Today, you can join the mobile adventure by joining us and start sharing your content with people around the world.

Brand owners:
Looking to expand into the mobile space?
We are a mobile entertainment distributor that understands the value of intellectual property. Respected brands like EMI Records, Warner Music, Kuju Entertainment and others have trusted our network to bring their brands into the mobile marketplace.
We offer:
- Generate new revenue streams,
- extend your brand into the mobile marketplace,
- direct new consumers to your brand, products or services.

Content developers:
Looking for branding and distribution opportunities?
Want to get your new mobile products or entertainment services into the marketplace?

DEFFONE is searching for innovative media contents and games. DEFFONE can offer you access to a worldwide marketplace and co-branding opportunities with major entertainment brands.
Musicians and Graphic artists;
Are you interested in distributing your work through new and modern channels? We are interested in cooperating with artists on distribution of their work.

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DEFFONE has a worldwide presence and we have the hability to commercialize your content to mobile endusers.
All proposals will be evaluated carefully and we will reply shortly.

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