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IN SHORT: DEFFONE content is innovative, of high quality and highly demanded by end users.
DEFFONE has an extensive portfolio covering more than 350.000 items for use in mobile phones, ranging from mono ringtones, poly tones, Real Music Tones from the Record Labels, Nametones, graphics covering greetings, animations, celebrity pictures, extreme sport videos, funny videos, further on to games of all kinds etc. etc.
DEFFONE's research team is constantly looking for new and innovative content, maximizing the sales effort made by our valued clients. With market penetration on all continents we analyze each region to meet the demand of localized content, e.g. our daily ringtone production is based on new entries from more than 20 charts worldwide.
Besides adapting chart tones and other musical pieces to the mobile platforms, DEFFONE also provides own compositions for the global market and is a preferred partner to SIAMOBILES for the embedded tones in their phones.
Professional graphical artists are constantly ensuring that the graphical content database is being constantly evolved and adapted to a rapidly expanding market. Other products such as video-on-demand, interactive products and network related products are next generation products that will be made available to our customers on an early stage, ensuring that DEFFONE maintains its position as the supplier of choice for mobile content.
Over the past two years, DEFFONE has broadened its product range considerably, expanded its global presence, and introduced unique products into its range of products and services. As a part of this DEFFONE have licenses and agreements with major music publishing companies, music labels, movie studios, game manufactures and other well known brands.
DEFFONE content is innovative, of high quality and highly demanded by end users.

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