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YDP402 4Go MP4 TV TNT Ebook portable
The DTT and your MP4 in the hollow of your hands!

"1. 4.3''(480*272)TFT screen 2. Built-in Digital TV Tuner ( DVBT ) 3. Video output(AV- OUT)(Need AV OUT function,add2.7 ) 4. Audio output ,support the stereo R/L,12S 5. support EPG(Electric Program Guide)the program guidebook, television broadcast, sub-title 6. Support PND,PMP,MP3,MP4,MobileTV,Han-held.. 7. Support RMVB/RM/AVI(24f/s)/FLV/WMV/ASF/3GP video play,don't need a format conversion. 8. RK2708 solution,Support multi-mission operations. 9. Outsid speaker with rational design, stereo sound, good sound quality. 10. High-speed real USB2.0 11. Support TF expansion cards 12. Support multi-language, can switch among 20 languages, real global service. 13. Stereo FM radio reception. 14. Wallpaper options, users can choose their favorite picture as wallpaper. 15. High-quality music performance of the real spectrum, 3D surround sound, Microsoft sound effects. 16. Calendar with stopwatch and perpetual calendar functions. 17. Provide users with rotation, zooming and narrow functions while browsing JPG / BMP / GIF images. 18. Game function"

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Earphones Stereo Anatomical
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- Increase the memory of you device or add Wifi to it by adding memory cards.
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3G:International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT — 2000), better known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services
RAM :Random Access Memory, the memory that is used by the device and is deleted while turning off the device. It is used as temporary memory by the device.
USB:Universal Serial Bus ports enable you to connect multiple devices together without turning them off.
ebook:The device can show ebooks (books sold or shared online on internet).
MP3:MP3 is a famous music file format.
MP4:MP4 is a famous video file format.
RDS:RDS enables the device to search FM and AM channels by itself.
TNT:Digital TV standard.
AVI:is the standard Windows video file format.
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