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HASEE PC WS231 - LCD 12.1 screen WXGA - CPU Intel Core 2 Duo T3400 2.16G - Memory (RAM) 1G DDR2 - Hard Disc 160G

WS231 - LCD 12.1 screen WXGA - CPU Intel Core 2 Duo T3400 2.16G - Memory(RAM) 1G DDR2 - Hard Disc 160G SATA - ODD DVDRW - Chipset Intel GL960 - Graphic Card Intel X3100(Integrated) - wifi Intel 5100ABG - Ultra mobile Modem - Details: Intel Merom Pentium M / Santa Rosa/ 533/667MHz / Socket P Celeron (Merom ) / Santa Rosa 533MHz / Socket P / 12.1 ecran WXGALCD Display (1280 x 800) / Intel GL960 + ICH8M / RAM DDRII 533MHz / 667MHz DDR SDRAM / up tp 2GB / 802.11a/b/g / SATA / Intel GMA X3100 / sound card realtek ALC883 / supporte DVD dual / Combo / Supermulti / 10 and 100 Mb/S / 1 x DC-in jack (2.5 ) 1 x MIC-in jack (Black color) 1 x Audio-out jack with SPDIF function 1 x RJ45 LAN 1 x IEEE 1394 port 1 x CRT port 1 x New Card Slot (34/54mm) 3 x USB 2.0 ports 1 x MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro Cards reader / Li-ion Battery / 1.83kg / 296x227x26.3-31mm

sold by HASEE

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- This device can find the FM stations by itself.
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WIFI:Wi-Fi (pronounced /'wa?fa?/) is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is not a technical term. However, the Alliance has generally enforced its use to describe only a narrow range of connectivity technologies including wireless local area network (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 standards
RAM :Random Access Memory, the memory that is used by the device and is deleted while turning off the device. It is used as temporary memory by the device.
USB:Universal Serial Bus ports enable you to connect multiple devices together without turning them off.
CPU:The Central Processing Unit or processor is the brain of your computer. Is is a chipset that executes complex operations at a certain frequency (2 GHz = 2 Giga operations per second).
INTEL:Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC; SEHK: 4335; Euronext: INCO) is an American global technology company and the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue.
DUAL:DUAL SIM enables having 2 SIM cards working side by side.
DVD:DVD is a memory support, evolution of the CD.
RDS:RDS enables the device to search FM and AM channels by itself.
SPDIF:is a high-quality sound interface.
HASEE:Haseeis the second biggest computers manufacture in China.
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