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YDP21 4Go Console Player MP4 camera
Supports MP3 MP4 and plays the games FC, GB, NES, SNES, GBC, BIN

"1. 3.5” High clarity TFT screen 2. Movie play : Support all full format video file, RMVB 3GP MP4 AV1 MPG FLV DAT VOB etc 3. Music play : Support all full format audio file,APE FLAC MP3 WMA WAV WAV RM-Audio AMR AAL-LC AAC+etc 4. Games : Support NES 16 bit SMD GB GBA GBC ZIGBEE GAME FLASH GAME format Net games , 32 bit BIN format games , 64 bit games 5. Supper TV-OUT : DVD grade video out 6. DC DV : Support camera and DV shooting 7. Picture frame : Support JPG format picture with 3D viewing effect 8. E-Book : Support e-book function 9. Language : Multi-languages 10. Speaker : Built-in speaker 11. USB : Ver.2.0 12. Support to read MINI SD card 13. Recording : MIC recording 14. FM radio : FM radio function 15. AV-IN : Movie recording, Max 720*576 (optional,Need AV-IN function,Add usd2)"

sold by Sia Electronics

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3G:International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT — 2000), better known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services
RAM :Random Access Memory, the memory that is used by the device and is deleted while turning off the device. It is used as temporary memory by the device.
USB:Universal Serial Bus ports enable you to connect multiple devices together without turning them off.
e-book:The device can show ebooks (books sold or shared online on internet).
DIN:It is the size format of the device. 1DIN is generally used by small cars while 2DIN is designed for big cars.
MP3:MP3 is a famous music file format.
MP4:MP4 is a famous video file format.
DVD:DVD is a memory support, evolution of the CD.
WMA:is a file format for videos.
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